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Pussy Financial is a revolution. It is a call to arms, nay, a call to paws — a call to differ from the norm. It is a way to affect history by having fun. We know that most white papers are filled with complicated jargon that makes it difficult to decipher and understand. There is a place for more technical information, and because this is a living document, the technical components will be added over time. Pussy Financial is a community driven project that's goal is to provide an ecosystem for anyone to learn and interact with crypto and DeFi at their own pace. Pussy Financial is an ERC-20 meme token; its primary purpose is to have fun. We do not pretend to have some futuristic and novel way of affecting blockchains. Instead, the focus is you: our community. Creating a space where we can laugh, experiment, and most importantly, learn. Pussy Financial was created with the idea of having a community where everyone can get a “place at the table”, and enjoy this thrilling market with like-minded people. We are still at the beginning of cryptocurrency; in fact, less than 5% of the world population actually uses crypto at the moment of this writing. Thus, there is major room for growth and learning. The people who will profit in this largest transfer of wealth in history will be the people who understand this technology, that is, the people who have crypto-literacy. Typically, technological advances transfer from the top down: from the most privileged, and most connected, down to the people who truly need those advances. The Internet truly revolutionized the world by establishing a way to digitally transfer information, and to bridge that gap of asymmetric information, allowing access of knowledge to transfer more freely. Cryptocurrency, thus, is a step forward. It is a way, for the first time ever, to transfer value digitally and in a decentralized manner, with no authorities overstepping their boundaries. What Pussy Financial intends to do is merge those two concepts and allow for a more free and brighter future with a byproduct of crypto education and adoption. Now, you may ask, how can a meme token achieve all that? The answer is: the market capitalization does not lie! Meme stocks and coins have seen explosive growth, so much so that large venture capitalists are designating time and funds to understand this phenomena. Lastly, our virality, engagement and capacity to be user friendly make us an easy stepping stone into the crypto-world. People around the world are already using and talking about $PUSSY because it's easy to understand, and, most important, it’s fun. The community that surrounds the project cares, they teach with a collaborative spirit, and inform each other about the technology of the future. (from whitepaper)

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Added: 2021-11-16

Launched: 2021-05-03


Market Cap: $15,400,000

Price: $0.0000704000

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